Will These Painting Trends Last?

Style & Design is a matter of personal taste. While many remain neutral with interiors, others make bold choices. How will these faux finishes stand the test of time?

Faux Painting Trends in Recent Years

As Calgary Painters and tradesmen we have seen our share of dated looking faux finishes. Interior design will always be subjective and staying safe with a neutral colour pallette isn’t for everyone. Here is a look at some of the trends in faux painting from recent history. Will they age gracefully with time or are frequent repaints simply just the price to pay for keeping up with trends?

Concrete Faux Painting

Photo By: Songbirdblog.com

Concrete is modern and industrial but was rarely used as an interior finish in residential applications until more recent times.

Reproducing a concrete look requires a number of layers and glazing and is actually a complicated and time consuming process. According to popular fashion blog, The Spruce, this isn’t a tired trend at all “Concrete, on the other hand, is the new raw material. Its austerity is tempered when paired with wood tones or other natural elements such as plants, and its gray tones are very on-trend.”


Strié - Think Fabric on Walls

Photo Credit: Lushome

Strié painting is a decorative faux finish that gives walls the appearance of being covered with fine fabric. The technique utilizes brushes and paint glaze to create a soft, subtle striped appearance on walls without the hassle of applying wallpaper.

Patterned Faux Finishes

Photo Credit: Amazon UK

Stripes, geometrics, or even stencils can be used to create bold and striking appearances. They can also be overdone fairly easily so take caution when mapping out these faux painting techniques.

Luxury Faux Painting

Photo Credit: Matthew Clark

If you love marble it might be time to take that to an entirely new level with a faux marble accent wall. When you start considering luxury, replicating high end materials such as marble, granite or leather might become real possibilities for your space.